Day 18 (Round 4)

CrossFit, 9:00am: Warmup- 400m run, 3rds 10 pass-throughs, 10 squats, 10 burpees; WOD- 300m sandbag run, 3rds 10 c2b (red band), 20 wb sit ups (14#), 30 kb walking lunges (35#), then 300m sandbang run, 17:45

Breakfast, 10:45am: 2 bacon & egg cups, 1 extra slice bacon (couldn’t resist), sweet potato & basil soup, herbal tea

Herbal tea, 12:30pm

Snack, 2:30pm: clementine & kombucha

Snack, 4:30pm: almonds & walnuts

Dinner, 6:30pm: beef stew & (cold) sauteed kale w/onions & bacon bits

Snack, 10:00pm: sugar-free almond butter cups


I’ve made it through more than 10 days without coffee! I am surprised at myself, and pleased. I haven’t particularly missed it, but I do look forward to my first cup next month…

I really enjoyed this post today – I always enjoy Lisbeth’s writing, but this one just felt right to share today.

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